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Advanced+ Conditioner

Advanced+ Conditioner

Immerse your locks in the luxurious care of ADVANCED+ CONDITIONER, a pinnacle in haircare that delivers maximum nutrition and superior detangling. Crafted with a rich blend of Soy, Wheat, Barley, and Flaxseed proteins, this conditioner deeply moisturizes and reconditions, leaving hair irresistibly healthy, soft, silky, and smooth.

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A nourishing concoction that includes Soy, Wheat, Barley, Flaxseed Proteins, and an exclusive compound of Argan, Ginger, Grape, Açai, Bamboo, Green Tea, and Aloe Vera extracts.

How to use

After washing with LUXURA ADVANCED+ SHAMPOO, apply a small amount of ADVANCED+ CONDITIONER from root to ends on damp hair. Leave in for 2 to 3 minutes to allow the deep conditioning agents to penetrate, then rinse thoroughly and style as usual. For best results, use in conjunction with the complete ADVANCED+ hair care line.

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    Deeply infuses hair with lasting hydration for unmatched softness.


    Forms a shield against environmental and sun-induced damage.


    Eases knots, enhancing manageability for smoother styling.


  • The ADVANCED+ CONDITIONER's formula is a testament to the power of integrating complex bioactive ingredients for optimal hair health. At its core, a quartet of plant-based proteins from Soy, Wheat, Barley, and Flaxseed work in a dynamic symphony to deeply repair and strengthen hair fibers. These proteins are selected for their affinity with the hair's natural keratin, each bringing unique properties: Soy boosts moisture and adds resilience, Wheat aids in damage repair and volumizing, Barley enhances luster, and Flaxseed, rich in omega-3, nourishes the scalp and follicles for improved growth.

  • This conditioner transcends traditional haircare by incorporating an advanced blend of natural extracts, each with their specific role. Argan Oil infuses essential fatty acids and vitamin E, offering intense hydration and a natural sheen. Ginger Extract stimulates the scalp, enhancing circulation and hair growth. Grape and Açai provide potent antioxidant benefits, protecting hair from oxidative stress and environmental pollutants that can lead to color fading and brittleness.

    Bamboo Extract contributes silica, which strengthens the hair cuticle and improves elasticity, reducing breakage during styling. Green Tea Extract soothes the scalp with its anti-inflammatory properties and shields the hair against UV radiation. Aloe Vera, known for its healing properties, calms the scalp and conditions the hair, ensuring it remains supple and vibrant.

The science behind ADVANCED+ CONDITIONER not only aims to restore hair to its natural beauty but also to fortify it against future stressors. Its meticulously curated ingredients work cohesively to provide a protective barrier, lock in moisture, and maintain the integrity of the hair structure. This results in a visible transformation of the hair’s texture and quality, imparting a healthy, soft, and silky appearance with each use. The conditioner’s innovative formula is designed for those seeking an elevated approach to haircare that doesn't compromise on protection and nourishment.